"I'm THAT complicated, mysterious, yet content with the 'simple' things in life. Don't try to understand me; you won't figure me out. But you're free to like me the way I am." -Marwa Ayad

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A reminder to all d/s. bdsm newbies


Safewords are mandatory.

You can and should be able to use them any time.

Anyone (top, bottom, sub,dom) who says otherwise? Don’t play with them. Don’t go near them. They are dangerous.

Consent is paramount. Communication is paramount.

Anyone who ignores that is unworthy of your time.

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Rick LaCour

Photo by 
Clay Rochemont

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If you absolutely have to take photos in a cemetery, you have to live up to this standard.

::dusts hands::

That will slow ‘em down…

Well done Baron Samedi shoot.

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I will never understand why stripping is seen as degrading.

Like…the job description is literally “I am so hot that you could never get me in real life so you’re going to have to pay me to dance for you.”


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instead of watching the 50 Shades trailer, why not just make awkward eye contact with a total stranger at the grocery store for a solid 2 minutes and 34 seconds? you get the same skin-crawling, uncomfortable feeling but without the shitty writing, terrible acting and massive dose of rape culture

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For this shoot we wanted to replicate the styling of a traditional 50’s couple in a modern setting. 

Photography: Abigail Weibel
Clothing: Moth Oddities
Stylist: Lauren C. McGinty
Models: Tony Eliason & Model HJ Steele
MUAH: T Yolande Makeup
Location: Brunsfield North Loop Apartments


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